PubMed Result
2008 Feb 4;101(3A):43-8. doi: 10.1016/j.amjcard.2007.11.019. Review. PubMed PMID: 18243858. 2: Januzzi JL Jr, Chen-Tournoux AA, Moe G. Amino-terminal...

5-hydroxytryptamine type-3A receptor in the process of fear extinction
http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.cell.2011.10.009. PMid:22036561 PMCid: PMC3215943. Orsini CA, Maren S. Neural and cellular mechanisms of fear and extinction...

Journal of Dermatological Science - In Press
DOI: 10.1016/j.jdermsci.2014.07.006 ... and tumor necrosis factor-α increases epidermal innervation accompanied by suppression of semaphorin 3A. DOI:...

Marshall, Gill - Making a Deposit - Insight - University of Cumbria
ISSN 1078-8174 DOI 10.1016/j.radi.2010.12.004. Marshall, Gill and Jonker, Leon (2011) An introduction to inferential statistics: A review and practical guide.

SEMA3A - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Semaphorin-3A is a protein that in humans is encoded by the SEMA3A gene. ... Neuron 14 (5): 9418. doi:10.1016/0896-6273(95)90332-1. PMID 7748561.

RPH3A - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Rabphilin-3A is a protein that in humans is encoded by the RPH3A gene. It contains ... (Netherlands) 497 (2-3): 99102. doi:10.1016/S0014-5793(01)02450- 4.

Publications | RILIS at ISOLDE
DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.nimb.2008.05.152 (2008) 266 (19-20), pp.4229 - 4239 ... .harvard.edu/cgi-bin/nph-abs_connect?fforward=http%3A//dx.doi.org/1.

The Semaphorin 3A Inhibitor SM-345431 Accelerates Peripheral ...
9 Nov 2012 ... We examined the efficacy of the semaphorin 3A inhibitor, SM-345431, in promoting ... PLoS ONE 7(11): e47716. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0047716 ..... Exp Eye Res 76: 521542. doi: 10.1016/s0014-4835(03)00124-6.

Noam Ross | Publications
Amsterdam: Elsevier. http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/B978-0-12-375067-9.00114-5 4 [ Request reprint via email 5]; Just, Allan and Noam Ross. The bigger dig:...

Yaron A[au] - PubMed Result - Science Signaling
2014 Sep;26(9):972-7. doi: 10.1097/MEG.0000000000000143. PubMed ... domains in Plexin-A4 mediate diverse responses to semaphorin 3A in developing mammalian neurons. ... 2014 Apr;254:68-9. doi: 10.1016/j.expneurol. 2014.01.014.

DOI: 10.1016

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